B2B specialized publication

    The objective of Enterprise Channels MEA is to create awareness about the increasing influence of ICT on various vertical markets. The magazine focuses on how ICT as a solution is impacting the entire market in terms of enhancing productivity of the workers and efficiency of the services. Through various sections, the magazine talks about trends of the market from the implementation, usage and buying perspective. We emphasize on how the enterprises can be benefited by implementing new age technologies like virtualization, cloud computing, SaaS, enterprise security, enterprise surveillance, enterprise communications, mobility, BYOD, etc.

    The magazine also creates a bridge between the ICT vendors and enterprises or institutional buyers through the channel partners or appropriate resellers. It enhances awareness about the importance of selling solutions and services and discourages the partners from dealing solely with products. We emphasize on how the channel partners can improve their scope of earning by embracing business around the solutions. Therefore various sections of the magazine are dedicated to the topics related to market opportunity, scope of investment, technology trends, vertical market performance, growth direction, buying behaviour, etc. The magazine caters to channel partners including resellers, SIs, Service Providers, ISVs, ISPs, network integrators and VADs in the industry and CXOs of all vertical market segments including Hospitality, Healthcare, Retail, Education, Media, Govt. and BFSI, etc.

    The ICT traders, who are the interface between the vendors and customers are on the cross roads. They need a trusted partner to influence their decisions. Enterprise Channels MEA is the only magazine, which can be trusted and looked upon by the partners as the true influencer. We are the only magazine to talk about the futuristic business dynamics. The magazine focuses on enhancing skillsets of the channel partners to offer solutions and services to the customers rather than dumping products with them. The magazine brings vertical-specific market opportunities and trends from ICT perspective and prepares the partners and the vendors to address the market. Each edition of Enterprise Channels talks about two major topics of the industry (please go through the edit calendar).

    In addition, we will be bringing special stories in each issue this year which can go a long way in helping businesses across the region deliver their best. Plus, we bring out 6-7 supplements and handbooks targeted at various vertical industries and technologies every year. Having associated with the magazine, the vendors and partners showcase their seriousness to the market and are looked upon by the readers as the change makers. As the magazine caters to the serious and value players in the IT business fraternity, your investment is yielded with good returns.

    The only security focussed publication that reaches both IT security providers and end users

    Enterprise Channels MEA, hence, brings to you ‘Cyber Sentinels- a quarterly supplement that would put spotlight on the security happenings in the Middle East and Africa region and ensure optimal readiness of the enterprises. Our target is to keep security decision makers ahead of the evolving threats and challenges to their businesses. We are here to do our best to help create safer and more profitable enterprises. We continually invest in that audience and the security market by conducting original research, providing tools for benchmarking and creating the most effective security strategies. We continually recommit ourselves to unearthing pressing IT and corporate/ physical security topics and trends for top security decision-makers.

    Earlier an annual supplement, starting from March 2016, the supplement is going to reach you four times a year. Be with us, as we are here to keep security in focus not just during GISEC but all year long.

    Since the launch of ECMEA in 2013, ECMEA has evolved with the demands of the role to remain the go-to-resource for the highly crucial audience comprising the ICT channel fraternity and the enterprises of the region through a great website, editorial that has been admired across the industry, leading events and timely research, creating a community of knowledge sharing and best practices without foregoing the delicate duty called corporate social responsibility. Our close working relationships with all industry associations and stakeholders enables us to bring you topical and authoritative articles and the latest news of industry and stakeholder developments.

    The ever changing and challenging role of CIOs has been defining the way business is done in modern enterprises. Many key studies have predicted that CIOs would soon take over the CFOs, as their role is pivotal in cost optimization by boosting the operations as well as averting and warning potential threats to an organization with the best technologies in place.

    Enterprise Channels MEA, hence, brings to you ‘The Titans’- a quarterly supplement that would put spotlight on the path breaking CIOs in the Middle East and Africa region. If we go back in time, the CIOs used to take and transform their decisions based on the available or suitable technologies. But the current market, that is ripe with innovative technologies and advancements, has been providing a symbiotic platform for the tech providers and their partners to combine the best of their capabilities and take it to the enterprises. The current scenario of technology is smart enough that technological systems and processes can be designed and customised according to the requirements of the enterprise CIOs. The Titans would take a close look into the end user perception of the current IT landscape and explore the various on-going and implemented IT projects across verticals. With some interesting topics to go with each volume, the Titans would cover CIOs from various verticals, including Healthcare, Banking, Real Estate, Education, Retail, and other Government and Business Organizations.

    INFRAINSIGHTS is EC MEA’S annual technology handbook. InfraInsights is published in the month of October and branched into various domains of technology. The magazine features the top and leading players of the industry and their achievements over the year. Since the magazine is published and distributed at the GITEX venue, the mileage that the content gives to the featured organization is invaluable, making them lead the forefront.

    All the action of GITEX finds home here!
    Daily news, activities, handshakes, product launches… catch all the excitement around GITEX in a unified platform. Let the market know your roadmap and strategies for the region through this unique platform.
    Distributed on all five days of the exhibition, GLive makes sure that your organization is well positioned and noticed.

    Going by the pace with which technology is evolving, ‘The FUTURE is already here’
    If ‘Globalization’ –as a situation— is erasing geographical boundaries and barriers, then ‘Technologization’ is truly transcending or rather substituting humanity and its daily chores and course. With the great strides and innovations that technology is coming up with each passing day, the horizon of advancement is still an imaginary axis.

    That’s how we define our FUTURE IT SUMMIT.

    ‘Future’ and ‘IT’ are synonyms. Nobody knows what they have in store for the human race. Accent Infomedia successfully brought these synonyms on a unified platform. Enterprise Channels MEA hosted its first ‘Future IT Summit’ at the Address Hotel—Downtown Dubai on March 16, 2015. The event that won accolades from the market for its sheer excellence in addressing and exploring the Hybrid Cloud brought together IT stalwarts and key players from across the region to discuss the latest in cloud technology and work upon partner enablement strategies.
    Themed around the ‘Hybrid Cloud’, the main objective of the summit 2015 was to allow participants of diverse verticals, IT expertise and policy experience to share their perspectives on the challenges and actions needed to advance the implementation of cloud with a view to deepen the process of involvement and commitment by all IT vendors, solution providers, distributors and stakeholders.

    The Future IT Summit 2016, organized by Enterprise Channels MEA and brought to you by Global Enterprise Connect, concluded on a high note at the Armani Hotel, Burj Khalifa. The two-day summit stood witness to some amazing presentations and discussions on Cloud and IoT by the keynote speakers and panelists as they engaged in some ice breaking sessions throughout the 2 days. The event hosted the top government organizations, ministries, business conglomerates and leading organizations from various verticals in the 2 days.

    The Global Enterprise Connect (GEC) Open— the fastest growing corporate golf tournament— was initiated in 2014 in UAE. Today, GEC Open represents an international network of corporate golf tournament promoted by the fastest growing IT Magazine– Enterprise Channels MEA and in association with the local Golfing partners.

    We are delighted to be able to connect with several top executives from countries across the globe and were able to recognize 33 top executive for their excellent contribution to the business community with “GEC Excellence Awards”. Little did we know that this was just the beginning! GEC Open played host to one of the most overwhelming corporate golf tournament that the region has seen by touring 6 countries across the GCC in 2015 with the participation of over 500 players from different walks of the corporate from different industry.

    GEC Open 2015 spreaded its arms to six different countries namely UAE, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Oman, Turkey and India and was hosted with its charity partners— Dubai Autism Centre, UAE Red Crescent Authority and KISS-Kalinga Institute of Social Sciences to support their causes. GEC Open materializes as the ideal turfs for business connect, client entertainment, networking, relation building and most importantly— humanity to flourish.

    We are extremely happy to announce that GEC Open 2016 which will be held in the 12 fastest growing countries connecting Africa , Middle East & Asia, and we are sure the journey is getting only bigger and better in 2016. We look forward to marking our achievement bringing top finalist from all countries to two days World Final – 2016 in Dubai.


    Oxford dictionary defines Catalysts as ‘A substance that increases the rate of a chemical reaction without itself undergoing any permanent chemical change’. True to all its sense, be it chemistry or the industry. Behind every successful organization, there is a person who thoroughly pushes his/her limits to achieve excellence that goes beyond horizons. But often as companies get the limelight, these people are seen missing on the spotlight.
    So here we are. Catalyst— the first of its kind award ceremony in the IT media world, carrying forward its legacy of 2015, will once again recognize and honor the trailblazers in the industry who have been uplifting the brand and reputation of their respective organizations in the market and truly acting as ‘CATALYSTS’ in the ever-changing market landscape.


    Accent Info Media, is a South Asia and Middle East-based leading Media house, specialized in ICT publications, events marketing and communications services. We have publications including SME Channels, Enterprise Channels and Telecom Frontline for South Asia and Enterprise Channels MEA for the Middle East and Africa region.

    With two decades of proven success and experience, we help maximize the value of our customers’ assets through our knowledgeable workforce and provide a one-stop diversified global service for high-value business matching publications, quality market news and online trading networks. We treat each client as our business partner and help making connections, communicate their propositions and do business effectively. All our specialized products are designed to bridge the needs of buyers and sellers at our live events, through digital media or our publications.

    Our specialized industry publications influence and advice the channel partners including the IT Vendors, Distributors, Resellers, Consultants, SIs, Service Providers, VADs, etc. to successfully address the enterprise, SME market needs in South Asia, Middle East & Africa region. The publications talk about the emerging trends of the market, which are shifting from CAPEX to OPEX. We advise partners through global case studies and white papers to aggressively adopt cloud computing, XAAS, virtualization, BYOD, enterprise mobility and communications, etc
    Our culture of innovation and collaboration brings people together around common interests with unusual depth of understanding and real industry know-how to create value, enhancing our ability to do exactly what the customers need. So, whatever their business segment and wherever they operate, they do better business through us. Now that we have spent considerable time in Middle East, we are bringing out several exciting events under the banner of Global Enterprise Connect (GEC).