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About Us

Located in Dubai, GEC Media Group is a leading Global Media house, operation in Middle East, Africa, South East Asia & USA, specialized in ICT publications, events marketing and communications services. We have publications – Enterprise Channels MEA, Cyber Sentinels, The Titans. Driven by a young and dynamic editorial team with experience in technology and media, our publications blends the best coverage of the region.

We help maximize the value of our customers’ assets through our knowledgeable workforce and provide a one-stop diversified global service for high-value business matching publications, quality market news and online trading networks. We treat each client as our business partner and help making connections, communicate their propositions and do business effectively. All our specialized products are designed to bridge the needs of buyers and sellers at our live events, through digital media or our publications.

Our specialized industry publications influence and advice the channel partners including the IT Vendors, Distributors, Resellers, Consultants, SIs, Service Providers, VADs, etc. to successfully address the enterprise, SME market needs in Middle East & Africa region. We advise partners through global case studies and white papers to aggressively adopt cloud computing, XAAS, virtualization, BYOD, enterprise mobility and communications, etc. Our culture of innovation and collaboration brings people together around common interests with unusual depth of understanding and real industry know-how to create value, enhancing our ability to do exactly what the customers need. So, whatever their business segment and wherever they operate, they do better business through us. Now that we have spent considerable time in Middle East, we are bringing out several exciting events under the banner of Global Enterprise Connect (GEC).

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Meet Team Members

Anushree Dixit

Global Head - Content and strategic Alliances

Richa S

Group Sales Head

S.M. Muzamil

Head of Operations

Malavika Shanker

President, South East Asia

Ajay Arya

Creative Lead

Sehrish Tariq

Assistant Editor

Deepak Singh

Finance Manager

Ningil Talaman

Telemarketing Project Manager

Vidushi Pursnani

Project Specialist

Diana Fonseca

Project Specialist

Miko Panes

Telemarketing Executive

Shadab Khan

Senior Designer

Jitesh Kumar

Graphic Designer

Deepak Ravi

Digital Marketing Analyst

Sejal Shukla

Graphic Designer