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BTX RoadShow & Transformation Awards

GEC Media Group, publishers of Business Transformation, Enterprise Channels MEA, The Titans, Cyber Sentinels, are pleased to announce the launch of the BTX Road Show 2020. This is the second year running that the event will be rolled out following its inaugural launch in April 2019.

The half-day event road show will be organized across April and May 2020, in Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Qatar, and other GCC, Middle East and Africa countries. The key themes will focus on the confluence of technology and business transformation.

For the first time in the region the role of the C-suite as an enabler of transformation will be brought into the limelight. Today, the C-suite is grappling with the challenges of transformation. The C-suite will have the floor to question participating vendors about the suitability of their technology solutions to drive business and technology transformation.

Across the GCC region, both public and private sector organizations are grappling with a combination of economic and technology macro influences to push forward in business performance and customer satisfaction. Seldom before has there been such a confluence of challenging and yet opportunistic cross roads for the C-suite and their teams to take decisions to move forward.

GEC Media Group’s, BTX Road Show 2020, is an exercise to bring forward the winning combination of CIOs and the C-suite and to bring them into the limelight. This is an event that top business and technology heads and their top management heads cannot afford to miss.

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