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Future IT

Welcome to a new world— of living, working, and co-existing.

An overwhelming number of tools, technologies, trends and techniques dominated 2020 as more and more organizations moved towards a remote or hybrid workforce model. Automation gained pace, and as humans were forced to withdraw from the physical offices we saw an increased influx of machines in the premises. From manufacturing to retail, healthcare, logistics and supply and much more.

In spite of all this, one thing was certain, there is no isolation possible. The human factor was still intact and it was evident that machines cannot replace humans, neither vice versa.

The IT industry, led by the CIOs bravely and solution providers strategically, in 2020 has been a testament of the fact that agility, adaptation and transformation are the only way forward. The Future IT Summit 2021 will showcase leading players in the arena of the digital and hybrid workforce and how their solutions will create a winning business strategy for the end customers by bringing in the best of the world of humans and machines. Meanwhile, leading CIOs from UAE will present their business outlook and agenda for 2021 and beyond setting the stage for the IT vendors and partners to build upon.

Join us in the tech extravaganza.

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