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WH Davies once wrote in his poem, ‘What is this life if, full of care, we have no time to stand and stare…’ 

Boosting community engagement, increasing productivity, forging new relationship and grooming the body and soul are at the heart of Global CIO Forum’s vision. 

A healthy community is a productive community. The community culture sets the tone for its members. Wellness programmes can be ideal tools to drive and reinforce healthy habits and bring bigger benefits to the community. 

The Four Key Pillars

Wellbeing is about connecting the right dots. A united mind, body and soul can work wonders. At Unite CIO Meet, we focus on striking an equilibrium between 4 pillars: Wellness, Fitness, Nutrition & Engagement. We provide CIO community members an opportunity to interact with the experts from these 4 pillars which can help them imbibe the benefits of an all-round wellbeing. The Global CIO Forum believes in overall wellbeing of CIOs and how they can uplift the life of their colleagues, friends and family.


Physical, mental and emotional health are crucial for overall wellbeing of humans. You can’t ignore one aspect and focus on the other. Wellness comes from a balance of all three elements. 


A prudent diet can boost your mental as well as physical heath. It keeps you energised, active and improves productivity. Eating is not just satisfying hunger. Remember the adage, ‘You are what you eat.’


Physical activity is imperative for all age groups. It’s not just necessary for a long life but also keeps the mind healthy. Fitness can reduce the risk of diseases along with improving the quality of life. 


Silo working can never produce optimum results. For the improved quality of work and higher productivity and also to achieve the overall success of any business, networking, teamwork and engagement are the key parameters.

Responsible Member

Anushree Dixit

Global Head - Content and strategic Alliances

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